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Some links, books and other resources I think are just wonderful:

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Parenting the Spirited Child: Parenting the Spirited Child: a parenting class for parents of children ages 3 to 7 taught by Joyce Victor, a wonderful wise woman who teaches in a way that respects the intelligence of her students. She also provides excellent individual and couples therapy.

Don Baker: a local expert who leads adult ADHD groups as well as providing individual and couples therapy. Calm, positive and compassionate, I recommend Don to anyone struggling with ADHD.

Nancy Ratey: an exceptionally intuitive life coach, public speaker and author specializing in ADHD. She does her work over the phone and so is available in any location .

Gabor Mate MD: an inspiring and brilliant psychiatrist, author and public speaker who leads with his vulnerabilities.

Seattle Artists Way: a highly lauded local exploration of Julia Cameron’s transformative book “The Artists Way” taught by Kate Gavigan and Carol Battistoni, two creative and supportive women who work wonders together.

Anna Rhodes: a therapist, artist and former protégé of Elizabeth Kubler Ross with tremendous skills working with clients who have experienced radical loss. She leads art retreats in the United States as well as abroad.

Your local library: a giant building filled with education, entertainment and inner travel where EVERYTHING IS FREE! I pinch myself each time I go.

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