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Some links, books and other resources I think are just wonderful:

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The National Institute of Mental Health - www.nimh.nih.gov; is a clearing house of free information, research and resources for anyone with issues an/or questions about mental health topics.

Mapleleaf DBT - www.mapleleafdbt.com; are local Seattle experts in Dialectical Behavior Training. I have worked with both Noelle and Bob.

Seattle Counseling - www.seattlecounseling.com; A comprehensive resource for counselors in the King County region.

Trauma Blog: my award-winning blog on mental health. Like my website only less serious.

EMDR International Association: all about the treatment modality I frequently use and recommend.

Puget Sound Adlerian Society: an organization based on the principles of Alfred Adler, one of the founders of the humanitarian movement of psychology.

Alcoholics Anonymous:The granddaddy of recovery programs is going strong and offering people of all walks of life sanity and hope.

Parenting the Spirited Child:a parenting class for parents of children ages 3 to 7 taught by Joyce Victor, a wonderful wise woman who teaches in a way that respects the intelligence of her students. She also provides excellent individual and couples therapy.

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