Tanya Ruckstuhl Valenti, LICSW

How I Work

My therapeutic philosophy is that all people have both the capacity and the necessity to change and grow over time and that the primary task of therapy is to instill and foster optimism and hope towards positive change. Towards this end I use a variety of therapeutic approaches, drawing from what I feel are the best of many superb therapy models.

Originally trained in Narrative, Solution Focused Brief Therapy and Family Systems therapy, I have also broadened my therapeutic influences to include , Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychodynamic, and EMDR. I have chosen these therapy models because the mechanisms behind their functioning--the theories and beliefs that underlie them--are optimistic and affirming, and this makes sense to me.

Each client I work with is unique. Presenting problems, current level of functioning, life experiences, culture, gender, and religion will all influence your level of comfort seeking and making use of therapy. I believe in discussing openly and directly any concerns either of us may have in understanding one another. My goal is to have as clear a picture as possible of how you see and experience the world, and then to introduce other ways of perception and reaction that can foster a more joyful life for you.

I would not bring my car for repair to an auto mechanic that did not know how to drive and therefore I would not consider myself an effective therapist without the experience of being a client. My time in personal therapy has provided me with the opportunity to challenge some of my own underlying belief systems, a deep appreciation and respect for the courage it takes to seek out professional support, as well as the usefulness of the therapy process itself.