Tanya Ruckstuhl Valenti, LICSW

Anxieties - Phobias

“If Your Own Mind is Lying to You, You Need Another Opinion”
By Tanya Ruckstuhl-Valenti LICSW, MSW

(cont'd) Vital and life-preserving fears, such as the fear of walking into the street without looking both ways, or the fear of breaking the law due to the possibility of getting caught, may or may not qualify as anxieties, depending on how frequently they are thought about.

What treatment options exist?

There are many treatment options available to the anxiety sufferer. Therapy, including EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing), cognitive behavioral, exposure and systematic desensitization are all beneficial. Medication may be extremely helpful as well.

Helpful things you can do for yourself:
  1. Make an appointment with a licensed and experienced therapist. Having professional support that you can trust is vital for overcoming anxiety. If your own mind is lying to you, you need another opinion. My number is 206 375-7690.
  2. Think of the anxiety as separate and distinct from yourself. You are not your anxiety, anymore than you are the flu when you are sick.
  3. Talk back to the anxiety. Ask yourself “what’s the worst thing that could happen?” “What is the likelihood of that happening?” “What can I do if that happens?”
  4. Deliberately expose yourself to the very thing you are afraid of. It is very hard for your anxiety to convince you that you cannot do something when you have just done it

Anxiety can be an extremely painful, debilitating condition. Left untreated it can become increasingly consuming. But help is available and an appointment for help is a phone call away. Mental health means living a life of choice, free from the compulsions and fears of anxiety disorders.