Tanya Ruckstuhl Valenti, LICSW

Life with Attention Deficit Disorder

“Life with Attention Deficit Disorder”
By Tanya Ruckstuhl-Valenti LICSW, MSW

Perhaps you were one of those kids who never quite “got it” at school and spent more time dreaming about building a rocket from spare parts in the attic than memorizing the spelling words your teacher assigned.

Later in college you found the introductory level #101 classes, which require memorization and regurgitation, much harder than graduate level classes where personal interest could guide your course of study.

You found a job and did okay for a while, but felt a sneaky slipping sensation any time your supervisor asked you to turn in paperwork or brought up a deadline you missed.

In your home, there may be areas of calm next to patches of chaos: piles of papers, forgotten bills, shoes on top of a sofa, a random clean sock in your stack of DVDs.

At some point you might have quit a job impulsively because you hated it, or you hated your boss. You might have ended a friendship or a relationship in a moment of frustration or unhappiness, and then regretted it.

You heard about Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder and researched some of the symptoms. You recognized yourself immediately and thought “I’m not alone in my experience of managing life being so darn tough!” Then you thought, “What do I do now?”

Here is the good news about life with ADHD: You are in the company of many high-achieving entrepreneurial types. Folks with ADHD often have a strong intuitive connection, can ferret out pretense from a mile away, and are often artistic, verbally gifted, interesting people.

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